Aerial Sky Shots #1 motivation and priority is continue to create an atmosphere of creativity to photography and videography.     With that said, we are sure you will be more than happy with both.  We are please to offer this service!  As a registered and certified aerial photo and photographer, please contact us for specific rates.

We have a pretty diverse selection of services we do offer. These include photo printing, photo prep, video prep, downloading/uploading, hosting, presentation, framing and just building relationships and having fun!

Flight Pricing – Contact us for flight time, flying, aerial videography or photography quotes.

Contact aerialskyshots (@) for shooting a project and for more details.

Products (Estimates only – Ask for Package Pricing) (Ask for Details)

8×10 Digital Prints                                    $75.00 (Unframed)

Raw Digital Files:

1st JPG                                                                $75.00

2nd – 5th Jpg                                                         10.00 each

more than 5                                                            5.00 each

Video Uploaded to Youtube                               $1.00 for each second of video

Raw Digital Video via Download                        $2.00 for each second of video (See Sample)

Photo and Video Editing                                     $1.00 per minute and 15 minute minimum.

Adding Music to Video                                        $1.00 per minute (Editing Time)

Webpage hosting with Dedicated Domain Name –  $99.00 year.  This is something we still charge for!

Photo/Video Package ($450.00)  (Ask for Details)

  • (1) Digital High Resolution 8×10 Framed
  • (All Unedited Raw JPGs & Video – Put on Cloud so you can download at your convenience.)
  • (1) Video Uploaded to Youtube or Cloud Hosted so you can share link.

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